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March 18, 2019

Bach Brandenburg 4
Brandenburg is sounding better each week! This week, please practice the entire piece using a metronome, where a half note = 80. Don’t forget about bow retakes and when your section has the melody don’t be afraid to play out.

Vivaldi Inverno
Please continue to run through this piece.

Excerpts for seating auditions will be announced soon…

Feb 25, 2019

Vivaldi Inverno

When practicing this piece at home, musicians may find it helpful to play along with this YouTube recording of the arrangement our orchestra is learning.

  • Practice with metronome, eventual goal: 120 bpm
  • Violins — remember retakes near end.
  • Cellos — work on section solo measure 80 to end

Bach Brandenburg 4

  • Please practice the entire piece.
  • Cellos — work on section beginning at measure 15.

Cellos If you would like extra help from Terrence please come at 6:30pm next Monday.

Feb 11, 2019

Rehearsal for February 11 is CANCELLED. Due to the President’s Day holiday, we will not meet February 18.

Our next rehearsal is February 25. Please continue practicing the Vivaldi and try to refresh your memory with the Bach.

Week of Feb 5, 2019

Vivaldi: Four Seasons, Inverno (Winter)

  • Violin 1: the entire piece
  • Violin 2: the entire piece
  • Viola: the entire piece, with attention to measures 81-88
  • Cellos: the entire piece, with attention to measures 1-24

When practicing  this piece at home, musicians may find it helpful to play along with this YouTube recording of the arrangement our orchestra is learning. Our eventual goal tempo is 120 bpm, but the YouTube playback speed setting can be used to slow the recording down while learning parts.

Join us for the Winter/Spring session.

Rehearsals start Monday Feb 5, 2019 at 7:00pm at CHS. The orchestra will be learning the “Winter” movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Sheet music can be downloaded on our “Forms and Downloads” page.

TIME CHANGE for Winter Concert!

Due to the weather forecast the Winter Concert scheduled for Saturday January 19 will now take place at 1:00pm.

Musicians should arrive at CHS at 12 noon and meet in our usual rehearsal location.

Please remember to:

  • wear all black
  • wear black (or dark) socks
  • bring your music (even if you usually use your stand partner’s)
  • bring your instrument

See you Saturday night! Email Karen with any concerns or questions.

Concert information

Our winter concert is taking place Saturday January 19, 2019

Assuming the weather plays nice, our Winter Concert featuring Varsity and Ravina orchestras will take place on Saturday January 19 at 7:00pm, in the auditorium at CHS.

Varsity Orchestra will perform:

Johow: The Spider
Bartok: Romanian Dances: Movements 1 & 3

Musicians should wear all black — including black (or dark) socks please!

Call time: 6:00pm in Mr vB’s room (our usual rehearsal space)

If significant snow is expected in the evening, we will move the concert to 1:00pm (call time 12 noon). We will send an email and update our information here if this happens.

Week of Oct 8

Please make sure your young musician practices this week and asks their private teacher to go over the music with them. If you don’t have a private teacher and would like suggestions for names just ask!

For next week, please work on:

Johow: The Spider
Beginning through E.
Watch your intonation and bowings, and remember to subdivide beats to help keep pace.

Bartok: Romanian Dances
Movement 1: entire movement
Movement 3: entire movement. Know your rhythms!

Seating Auditions:
Video (or audio) submissions for seating auditions are due Monday October 22; a link for online submission will be available soon. Results will be announced the following Monday, Oct 29.

See the list of required excerpts.

Week of Oct 1

Bartok: Romanian Dances
Take this music to your private teacher for guidance.
Movement 1: entire movement
Movement 3: entire movement

Johow: The Spider
Learn from the beginning to E.
First violins should take a look at what they play after E as well.

Week of Sept 25

Bartok: Romanian Dances
Listen to this piece while looking at your music and try to read along. This will help you understand how your part fits in.
Movement 1: learn the rhythms
Movement 3: learn the rhythms

Johow: The Spider
We will start this next week so please look through this piece.

Don’t forget to bring a pencil to every rehearsal!

First Rehearsal!

September 24, 2018
7:00 – 8:00pm
Columbia High School
C wing, 3rd fl, Mr vB’s room

please arrive early enough to be tuned and in your seat, ready to play, at 7:00pm sharp.

Fall Seating Audition Excerpts

1st Violins:
Bartok: 1st movement entire movement and entire 4th movement
Bach: Measure 36-63
Johow: C-E

2nd Violins:
Bartok: 2nd Movement 19-End 4th movement 61- End
Bach: 23-41
Johow: pickup to C-E

Bartok: 2nd movement 3-19, 3rd Movement measures 17-28
Bach: pickup to measure 84-96
Johow: pickup to C – E

Bartok: 2nd movement 3-19, 4th movement 53-77
Bach: measure 15-36
Johow: C-D

Bartok: 3rd movement 17-end 4th movement 69-end
Bach: 15-36
Johow: H-J

Video of Bartok:

Video of Bach:

Audio file of Johow

000 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds

until Spring Concert on June 8, 2019

Seating Audition InfoForms & Downloads

Sheet music downloadsWinter/Spring 2019

Follow the links below to find PDFs for the parts for each composition.

Apps we love

metronome, tuner & more; includes a memory tuner that helps you visualize how pitchy you may or may not be as you play

use this app to slow down a recording without changing the pitch — great for when you’re learning a new piece and want to play along with a recording to see how your part fits in

The Metronome
Free metronome app with plenty of features